Vicky Cornell Shares Love Letter From Chris Cornell

In an interview, Vicky Cornell said that four years after her husband’s May 18, 2017 death in Detroit at age 52 she keeps his memory alive for their kids Toni and Christopher — Cornell has another daughter, Lily, from his first marriage — by keeping him “constantly” in the present. “We speak about him, we play his music, we share memories, we work in his legacy and I include my children in that,” she told the site. “We continue the great charitable work that he did personally and through the Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation. Giving back was important to Chris and it is something we did together as a family, so we still do that and it keeps his memory and what was important to him alive.”

Vicky Cornell said Soundgarden’s fans also help, sharing their stories about how Chris impacted them through his music and lyrics. And though her family is a big source of support in tough times, Vicky said grief is something she has to deal with every day. “In a way it is worse now — in the beginning, you have the false sense that he may come back or that you will wake up from the nightmare, there is also a survival mode that kicks in then,” she said. “But now, the reality has set in that this is forever.”

Luckily, she said, her children are her “light” and watching they grow up and find happiness within their own passions “fills my heart and soul.” Click here to see the letter.

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