Leyla Kumble Returns to WME as Agent

“Leyla’s ability to nurture the careers of a broad array of artists is second only to her ability to source the perfect material to match those artists with,” says Bradley Rainey, head of music for visual media, WME. “We are excited to welcome her to the team as the soundtrack business evolves rapidly.” Kumble began her career at WME working […]

Maskless and Sweaty: Clubbing Returns to Britain for a Weekend

On April 29, President Emmanuel Macron of France said he hoped to remove most restrictions in the country on June 30, but nightclubs would remain shut. Many D.J.s said they wanted clubs to reopen soon as possible, and not just for the sake of their work. Clubbing wasn’t just about music, said Marea Stamper, a D.J. better known as the […]

Rossini at the Drive-In, as San Francisco Opera Returns

SAN FRANCISCO — It feels almost too good to be true after a pandemic closure of Wagnerian scale: an audience watching a cast of singers enter the War Memorial Opera House here to rehearse and perform Rossini’s classic comedy “The Barber of Seville.” And, indeed, we’re not quite there yet. After 16 months, San Francisco Opera did return last week […]

400 Days Later, the New York Philharmonic Returns

The middle section of Sibelius’s “Rakastava” is a quiet, glassy dance of joy. It’s not untroubled. There’s dissonance; the celebration is muted, reticent, almost secretive. It lasts two minutes or so, then vanishes into the night air before you know it. But it’s joyful, nevertheless. And it was the most affecting part of the concert I heard after I walked […]