Billie Eilish in British Vogue: What the Cover Means

Billie Eilish wants you to know she is in charge, brash and self-assured enough to scrap the raffish image that helped garner her a world of fans in favor of something a little more … adult. She vamps this month on the cover of British Vogue, a portrait of artfully crafted provocation. The singer once identified by her shock of […]

Chloe Bailey’s ‘Be Careful’ Cover: Cardi B Reacts

Get ready to hit replay on Chloe Bailey’s (of Chloe x Halle) spellbinding cover of Cardi B‘s “Be Careful.” Bailey pours out her whole heart in her vocal take on Cardi B’s 2018 single, which she posted on social media on Saturday (May 1). “This is soo beautiful got me smiling from ear to ear and blushing maa hard …..You […]