On Cautious Clay’s glistening new single “Roots,” which leads this week’s Superbloom, the R&B singer comes to terms with an ill-fitting relationship. “It’s about having an established history with someone, but coming to the often difficult realization that things ultimately won’t last because elements of the relationship are toxic,” he tells Apple Music. “I tried to make that sentiment known in the first verse: ‘From atoms up to comets/Life is never promised/You could make me wanna lie and be dishonest.’ It’s about wanting to put yourself out there and be emotionally vulnerable to a fault, but ultimately knowing that what’s best is for both people to move on.” The song, which lingers somewhere between moody R&B and bright-eyed pop, is from Clay’s upcoming debut album. Details are scarce on when that project is expected, so for now, listen to the single and add this playlist to your library to stay up on the songs shaping the future of music.