SONA’s Songwriters Fund: New Grants Available Soon

SONA’s Songwriters Fund: New Grants Available Soon

The fund has given out over $400,000 in assistance to songwriters since May 2020.

Songwriters of North America (SONA) will begin accepting applications for a new round of pandemic emergency grants on April 28, the organization has announced.

First launched in May 2020, the Songwriters Fund grew out of an effort by songwriter Autumn Rowe to raise money for her struggling peers. The official fund — which has given out over $400,000 in $1,000 emergency grants to date — was born after SONA came aboard to help create a larger, more structured operation. Initial donations came from a mixture of private and corporate donors, including Sony Music Publishing.

Alongside Rowe, the fund is co-directed songwriter Michelle Featherstone, with management by songwriter Sarah Robertson.

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