Seventeen’s ‘Your Choice’ Arrives at No. 1 on Top Album Sales

K-pop group Seventeen lands its first No. 1 on  Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart, as the 13-member act’s latest effort, Your Choice: 8th Mini Album, opens atop the tally (dated July 3). It sold 20,500 copies in the U.S. in the week ending June 24, according to MRC Data — the act’s best sales week yet.

Your Choice is the third K-pop album in a row to hit No. 1 — the first time that’s happened. It displaces TWICE’s Taste of Love (which falls 1-3 in its second week), which itself bumped Tomorrow x Together’s The Chaos Chapter: Freeze from No. 1 (on the latest chart, it rises 9-8 in its third week).

Like many K-pop releases, the sales of Your Choice were bolstered by the availability of collectible CD packages (four, including one exclusive to Target), each with a set of standard internal paper goods (lyric book, sticker, bookmark, etc.) and randomized elements (photo book, photo card, poster, etc.). Ninety-five percent of the album’s 20,500 copies sold were the CD editions (19,500), while its digital download sold the remaining 5% (1,000).

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