Rumour Has It, There’s A Dr. Dre, Eminem And Kendrick Lamar Collab In The Works

Rumour Has It, There’s A Dr. Dre, Eminem And Kendrick Lamar Collab In The Works

The internet is currently buzzing with rumours surrounding a potential collaboration between some of the biggest names in rap, being Dr. Dre, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar.

The rumours of the potential link up first came about from a Twitter post from Grammy-award winning producer Fredwreck, who has previously worked with Dr. Dre.

In the post, he re-shared an old photo of himself with the three artists. He captioned the photo with ‘Beats n Rhymes’ with a couple of hashtags: #shady and #aftermath.

Fans have since taken to the comments to question the purpose for the four artists’ meeting. Many are speculating that there may be a collaboration between them all.

Dr. Dre album possibly featuring Eminem and Kendrick Lamar coming soon????

— Andrew (@saxydrew) May 1, 2021

So we’re getting a Dr. Dre album with possible Kendrick Lamar & Eminem on the same track ???? Say ain’t so

— Laugh Entertainment (@Laughent21) May 1, 2021

Me checking twitter for the dr. dre eminem kendrick lamar track

— Pizza Dad (@Pizza__Dad) May 1, 2021

Last week, Kendrick’s label Top Dawg Entertainment sparked rumours about the rapper’s return with a teaser video posted to their social media. The video simply said “THE WAIT IS OVAH!!!” with a picture of a loading bar. The clip ends with an ambiguous reference to Friday, 7th May, 2021.

There’s no specific reference to any of their artists in the clip, however Lamar was due to headline Glastonbury last year, and the label have previously promised forthcoming music from him sometime soon.

Check out the post below.

Beats n Rhymes 🎙 #shady #aftermath

— FredWreck (@Fredwreck) April 28, 2021


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