Offset Rings New York Stock Exchange Opening Bell

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“This morning, Reservoir rang the @Nasdaq Opening Bell in celebration of our recent IPO. It is both exciting and humbling to take this next step in Reservoir’s journey,” the company wrote on Twitter while sharing photos from the ceremony. “We look forward to all the opportunities this creates, as we deepen our commitment to #investinginentertainment.

Reservoir Media signed Offset and Takeoff to global publishing deals back in 2017, which represent their individual and collective catalogs. Reservoir Media’s EVP of A&R and Catalog Development Faith Newman was responsible for bringing the rappers to the roster.

The company experienced its first day of trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange on July 29, when its shares took a 4.9% dip after opening at $9.49 and closing at $9.03. On Monday, it opened at $8.40.

See Offset ring in the festivities below.

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