Lorde Details ‘Solar Power’s Early Stages

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Two days after that, she penned a Note that would later become the basis for the “Solar Power” music video. “Make the visual world authentic and sumptuous, have your friends in it,” she wrote. “Have a weird dance break on a beach, imbue it with colour and feeling.”

Some of the notes she shared included ponderings on today’s internet culture and her ideal lifestyle. On Nov. 13, 2018, she wrote she hates online drama because “nothing is in perspective no one listens — it’s all about who takes the L.” On Jan. 23 the next year, she pondered her wish for someone to “see me across the garden and think, that is the woman i’m going to grow old beside.”

The 24-year-old also revealed in the email how she’s been spending her time these last few weeks, from leaving New Zealand “for the foreseeable future” to spending time in L.A. before heading out east, where she’s scheduled to perform as the musical guest Thursday (July 15) on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. She confessed how much of a culture shock it’s been to return to “pop star world,” at the same time hinting at … something. While the “Green Light” singer was on set “shooting a thing,” she said she was a little uncomfortable with feeling like the pampered center of attention among a crew of non-famous people.

“Everyone was sweating in jean shorts, looking like people, and I was wearing an archive Prada bolero top, hair and makeup pristine,” she wrote. “I felt like a freak, you know? Like a fancy little goldfish in her own special bowl.”

As exciting as these new details are for Lorde fans, nothing would beat the release of actual music leading up to the full album’s release. But one thing’s for sure — Lorde is right there with them.

“Really, I want you to have the whole album tomorrow,” she wrote. “But we’ll get to all that.”

See some of the Notes Lorde shared with fans:

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