Foreigner Urge Americans to Get COVID-19 Vaccine: Watch

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In the clip, Hansen notes he understands that getting vaccinated against the highly transmissible virus is a personal choice, but hopes the information provided by Dr. Jahangir might help persuade the unvaxxed. Among the things Hansen asks the doctor to clear up is whether people should be concerned about the unprecedentedly rapid rollout of the vaccines that use the mRNA method to direct cells to produce copies of the “spike protein” on the outside of the coronavirus to spur the production of disease-fighting antibodies.

Normal vaccine trials enroll around 10,000 people, but Jahangir said that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trials each enrolled more than 30,00-40,000 people, while the Johnson & Johnson vaccine had more than 60,000 people around the world in clinical trials before approval was given. “Now take that and add the millions of people that received these vaccines since these vaccines went on the market, and we now have probably one of the most widely used vaccines that we’re collecting data on,” Jahangir said. “I actually think these vaccines have been studied very thoroughly, and the reason they came to market so quickly is because we had so many smart people focusing their energy on it and so much financial resources provided to make it happen.”

Hansen also asked the doctor to clear up the common misconceptions that there are heavy metals or fetal tissue in any of the vaccines — he said there are none — and weigh in on the increasing divide between the push to vaccinate as many Americans as possible to reach “herd immunity” versus the vaccine-hesitant population’s focus on personal freedom.

Jahangir emphasized that the vaccines are available for free to just about everyone in the country, but as a father of three children under age 12, he knows that their safety and health is dependent on the community he lives in. “And so, while freedom of choice is critical … freedom of also knowing that your neighbor will keep you safe and take care of you is equally as important to me and important to America,” he said.

As for the No. 1 thing Jahangir said he hears from doctors about unvaccinated COVID-19 patients who are hospitalized with serious illness, the doctor summed it up in one word: “regret.”

The Ad Council teamed with country stars Eric Church, Ashley McBryde and Darius Rucker in April for a similar vaccine spot.

Watch the discussion between Hansen and Jahangir below.

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