The Face of Solo Guitar Is Changing. It’s About Time.

Before Yasmin Williams became a teenager, she found her perfect sport: “Guitar Hero,” the dizzying video game where aging rock staples enjoyed an unlikely second life through players wielding plastic controllers fashioned after vintage Gibsons. Williams’s parents purchased the game for her two older brothers, but the suburban D.C. family soon realized she was the household champion. “They would try […]

Justin Bieber Performs ‘Peaches’ on Instagram

At one point in the performance, Bieber interrupts the song to say “you look so good, baby” — presumably to an off-screen Hailey. By the end of the song, he directs his attention to his fans: “Love you guys,” he says to the camera at the end of the clip. Watch Bieber’s latest take on “Peaches” on Instagram. Visit this […]

The New York Philharmonic Is Coming. In a Shipping Container.

Late last summer, the august New York Philharmonic took a swerve toward scrappiness. With its theater closed by the pandemic, the orchestra rented a Ford F-250 pickup truck, wrapped it in red, white and black, and drove around the city over eight weekends for short, impromptu chamber events. The Philharmonic announced on Friday that it would be bringing the NY […]

Chloe Bailey’s ‘Be Careful’ Cover: Cardi B Reacts

Get ready to hit replay on Chloe Bailey’s (of Chloe x Halle) spellbinding cover of Cardi B‘s “Be Careful.” Bailey pours out her whole heart in her vocal take on Cardi B’s 2018 single, which she posted on social media on Saturday (May 1). “This is soo beautiful got me smiling from ear to ear and blushing maa hard …..You […]

Enjoy an Online Concert – The New York Times

While many cities across the country are increasingly opening up, the state of entertainment remains bifurcated. Socially distanced indoor shows have returned to live-music venues like City Winery in New York, and Austin’s Nutty Brown Amphitheater, while NY PopsUp is offering a series of indoor and outdoor performances at locations across New York State, leading up to the eventual reopening […]

Kentucky Derby: Tori Kelly Sings the National Anthem

Kelly’s fascinator was in a shade of lilac, complementing her cheery floral frock in purple and pink. This year’s event began airing at 5 p.m. ET on Saturday on NBC, available to stream on SlingTV, Hulu with Live TV and FuboTV. Watch Kelly sing the national anthem at the Kentucky Derby below. Visit this article & other news –