Britney Spears Cleared of Misdemeanor Allegation

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Misdemeanor Unit Supervisor Blake Heller reviewed the case submitted by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, and declined to file charges due to insufficient evidence that a crime had occurred.

Spears’ lawyer Mathew Rosengart said in a statement provided to The Hollywood Reporter that “this was nothing more than sensationalized-tabloid fodder — an overblown ‘he said, she said’ regarding a cell phone.”

Rosengart noted that the Sheriff’s Department has acknowledged this was a “very minor” incident.

“If this involved Jane Doe rather than Britney Spears it would not have been pursued or covered at all. Anyone can make an accusation but this should never have made it this far and we are glad the DA’s Office has done the right thing. Sadly, it is apparent that some have learned nothing from the past, and we sincerely hope the media and others will be more respectful of Ms. Spears in the future,” Rosengart added.

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