At Home With Dua Lipa, The Playlist

For Dua Lipa, one of the positive aspects of being in lockdown was collaborating with The Blessed Madonna on the remix companion to her 2020 album Future Nostalgia, titled Club Future Nostalgia. “It just made lockdown so exciting,” she tells Apple Music. “I was dancing around the house, listening to the songs I’ve known for so long, that felt so new.”

During her At Home With conversation with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, the pop superstar reflects on the original album’s massive success, writing songs that make her feel confident and empowered, and her experiences collaborating with artists as diverse as Andrea Bocelli and Miguel. Dua Lipa also shared an exclusive Apple Music playlist—a collection of groove-oriented songs that, in her words, features “a little bit of everything.” Check out some of her picks below. Arlo Parks, “Eugene”

“I was just driving in London and put the radio on, and I heard her voice and immediately was really taken by it. I love the storytelling in her music, so I immediately Shazamed the song and I found out the artist. And then I kind of went through her discography.
The first song I think I heard of hers was ‘Sangria.’ I just loved it. I thought it was so cool and also really British. I was immediately attracted to her voice and I wanted to listen to more.”

Kelis, “Millionaire” (feat. André 3000) “When you go back and listen to Kelis’ songs, they’re so timeless. They’ve got such a bounce, and they’re so much fun. She’s super alpha-female. She didn’t care about anyone or anything, or what she was saying or what anyone was doing. ‘Millionaire’ is one of those songs that I feel like I reference all the time. I guess because it’s André 3000 on it too, there’s definitely an Outkast influence, but it’s in a world of its own.” Erika de Casier, “Do My Thing”

“I think it’s amazing. She’s so cool, because I feel like she just carved her own lane and is not really trying to follow any trends. She’s very, like, set on it, and I think that’s so beautiful. I think now, more than ever, we’re seeing that popular music is so unique and there’s not just one type of sound.”