Ariana Grande Loves the End of Lockdown In ‘Late Late Show’ Skit

The “7 Rings” singer breezed through a parody of “Good Morning Baltimore” from Hairspray, which is renamed “No Lockdowns Anymore” for this very special occasion.

Grande makes her appearance at the 1 minute market, wearing a gorgeous yellow dress. “Oh oh oh I’m back in the gym where I start to sweat,” she sings as she dances through the summery set.

Grande and her pal catch up on the street and, in the heat of the moment, decide to “get drunk then get matching tattoos.”

It’s colorful, its camp and its just what we need right now.

Earlier, Ari used her social channels to hint at exciting things to come. “There may even be a very special, heart attack provoking cameo made by a Tony Award winning, friend of mine,” she wrote on Instagram.

Watch the skit below.

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