Tanglewood Is Back This Summer, With Beethoven and Yo-Yo Ma

There won’t be the traditional, grand closing-night performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, with its stage full of singers. In fact, to reduce the risk of aerosol transmission of the coronavirus, there will be no vocal music at all at Tanglewood this summer. But there will still be a lot of Beethoven, along with crowd-pleasing tributes to the composer John Williams […]

That Fyre Festival Cheese Sandwich Tweet Is Being Auctioned Off As NFT

The man behind that viral Fyre Festival tweet — the one with the sad cheese sandwich — is auctioning off the tweet as an NFT. Trevor DeHaas, author of the tweet, announced he’d be sending the tweet to auction. “I’m selling my viral cheese sandwich picture from [Fyre Festival] as an NFT,” he wrote, again via Twitter. “Proceeds will be […]